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Plastic tree protectors 


Tree protectors or tree trunk protectors are spirally shaped wrapping elements for young vulnarble trees. Tree trunk protectors are necessary to protect young trees against damage caused by various rodents, mowing, chemicals and sunlight. The tree protectors make sure your trees grow safely. 

white plastic tree guard protecting young tree

Plastic tree guards

EcoXtrusions plastic tree guards are manufactured using PVC. The plastic tree guards offer atleast 4-5 years of tree trunk protection against rodents, sunlight, mowing and chemicals. 

Research has shown that the lack of tree protector can lead to a loss of 35% of the young trees. Simple items such as the tree protector, reduce the damage to a minimum. Not only are our tree protectors very economical, but also their ease of handling on the young trees guarantees a low-cost total solution for the professional end-user.

Tree protectors ensure your trees grow without the threat of rodents, mowing, chemicals and sunlight damaging the trunks. A combination of good protection, reflectivity and proper ventilation enables your trees to grow safely and healthily when plastic tree guards are used. The ventilation holes help the saplings develop and reduce the effects of mildew and leaf burn. An additional advantage is the spiral shape of the tree protector which ensures the tree will not be strangled when growing. 

Plastic tree protector description

EcoXtrusion offers spiral tree protectors in different sizes and colors so we always try to meet your requirements. Find out which tree protector suits your requirements. If you didn't find your requirements contact us!

Diameters tree protector

38 mm
50 mm

Lenghts tree protector

45 cm
60 cm
75 cm
90 cm
100 cm
120 cm

Colours tree protector



250 or 500 tree protectors per box depending on the total weight 

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