Biodegradable tree protectors 


Traditionally tree trunk protectors are made of PVC. The plastic tree guards need te be removed manually after 3-4 years, because it will leave waste in the environment. Due to EcoXtrusions innovations we now have biodegradable VERDURA® tree protectors.  The VERDURA® tree protectors hereby saves costs on waste and labour to remove the plastic tree guards. 

VERDURA® spiral tree guard

VERDURA® biodegradable spiral tree guards

A spiral tree guards is a wrap that protects young vulnerable trees the first key years against mouse, rabbit, hare and other rodent damage. Traditionally it is made of PVC. These plastic protectors have to be removed manuel from the plants after a few years. They have to be reclaimed to leave no solid waste in the environment. Due to recent innovations we now can present the VERDURA® tree protector from a starch based bioplastic. Environment friendly, degradable and therewith cost saving on labour and waste.

Depending on the strength of the saplings and the area they are planted in (open and windy areas), it is recommmended to install tree stakes to support the young trees (at the discretion of the planters). The VERDURA® tree protector can be installed as the traditional spirals and then be fastened at top and bottom of the stem, or to a tree stake with a (biodegradable) binding tube.

Biodegradable tree trunk protection

VERDURA® provides in the following advantages:

- Degradable: the starch based bioplastic is biodegradable under natural conditions. In final stage to biomass, carbon and water.
- No waste: no reclaiming and disposal of the VERDURA® tree protector needed due to natural degradation. This implies substantial cost cutting.
- Environment friendly: no use of hazardous chemicals as with PVC.
- Climate Change friendly: production of the VERDURA® tree protector requires 65% less energy.
- Renewable: no depletion of fossil resources but based on renewable starch.
- No food competition: starch based derived from potato industry. 


The bioplastic used for the VERDURA® tree protectors is based on starch derived from the potato processing industry. This bioplastic is renewable and biodegradable under natural circumstances. The resource material is certified according EN 13432, Vinçotte OK Compost, Vinçotte OK Biobased class 3 star and KIWA K77694 according regulation BRL-K567. The color masterbatch is based on PLA (polylactic acid) and certified according EN 13432.

Biodegradable tree protector description

EcoXtrusion offers spiral tree protectors in different sizes and colors so we always try to meet your requirements. Find out which tree protector suits your requirements. If you didn't find your requirements contact us!

Diameters tree protector

38 mm
50 mm

Lenghts tree protector

45 cm
60 cm
75 cm
90 cm
100 cm
120 cm

Colours tree protector



250 or 500 tree protectors per box depending on the total weight 

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